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Sustainable Development Strategies

Austin Independent School District’s Sustainable Building Goals for Schools Checklist

This comprehensive document is a compilation of sustainability initiatives for the Austin Independent School District (AISD). Over 25 people contributed, edited, and revised the checklist in order to strike a balance between long and short term needs, district standards, and bond program goals. Earthly Ideas, in conjunction with the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems, led the team that developed the checklist during 1997 – 1998.

The checklist illustrates the integration and teamwork among disciplines that is necessary for an exemplary sustainable project. Although designed specifically for AISD, the information contained could be applied to many construction projects. It can be used as a guide by any architect, engineer, contractor, consultant, project manager or facility planner who wants to incorporate green building techniques in their project. Of course, each project has its own programming, design, and climate constraints that may add or delete some sections of the checklist.