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Sustainable Development Strategies

Three Springs Durango

Located east of historic downtown Durango, Colorado, Three Springs Durango is a 681-acre mixed-use community adjacent to the region’s medical center. It is founded on the principles of Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND), a responsible land stewardship ethic, and the historic and cultural values of Durango and Southwest Colorado. Through its compact mixed-use design, tree-lined thoroughfares, generous parks and compatible urban design qualities, Three Springs embodies the principles of neighborhood and community.

Three Springs Durango Entrance Sign

The first phase of Three Springs is comprised of five neighborhoods networked into each other through trail systems, shared parks, and open space. The neighborhood concept is the fundamental building block of development at Three Springs. It encourages a diverse and interesting mix of uses and emphasizes a compact form of development with opportunities for an improved quality of life for residents and visitors.

In 2003, Earthly Ideas devised the community's Sustainable Development Implementation Strategy, which outlined concepts that were expanded as policies, guidelines, and standards in the Sustainable Development Program. The Program provides a comprehensive framework for the design, development, and community aspects of Three Springs that balances the environmental, social, and economic needs while accommodating the financial commitments and realities of the development environment. Earthly Ideas also reviewed and commented on the Program during its creation. In 2007 – 2008, Earthly Ideas was sustainability/LEED® Consultant to the team that developed the Schematic Design for the Three Springs Neighborhood Center.